PowerVoice is an award winning voice recording system; purpose built for call centres. The voice recording system enables organisations to monitor and record calls in ‘real time’ and archive voice files for retrieval when required. Calls can be played-back at anytime ie; verbal sales contracts with customers.

The call recording system enables supervisors to easily listen into calls - skipping from one agent to the next, whereby the performance of Individual agents and/or the effectiveness of scripts can be assessed accordingly.

Call Recording
PowerVoice records all inbound and outbound calls in real-time; with play-back at any time. Importantly, the system is compatible with any modern phone system.
Call Monitoring & Quality Control
Calls can be monitored and recorded in ‘real time’ and then archived as voice files. Quality monitoring enables management to monitor, review, and assess the performance of each agent.
Remote Access Monitoring
Management and/or clients can remotely access the call recording system and listen into calls from any number of locations; both onsite and offsite: Granting security access levels as required.
Corporate Governance Compliance
The PowerVoice call recording system inherently promotes greater quality control and continuous improvement, including benchmarking. With all calls recorded and archived as per your business practices, your organisation will have ready access to interactions with customers.
Training & Development
A primary use of the PowerVoice system is for coaching & training purposes. Clients often use a mix of different types of calls to educate staff and benchmark quality calls. PowerVoice is therefore a valuable tool in providing valuable feedback to staff on an on-going basis and for staff inductions.
Call Archiving & Retrieval
Archiving and retrieving calls with PowerVoice is incredibly easy and can be configured to meet your business practices. For instance, call recordings can be searched for by using any number of filters ie; account/customer details, phone number, agent, date and time.

Recording Selection Recordings can be selected based on date, time, phone numbers, campaigns, wrapup, agent and customer name.


Monotoring Live Calls – Quality Control: agent activity is displayed on the Time Chart. The Supervisor can click into any call and listen into the conversation.


The time chart report displays agent conversations; during the run or day. The different colour codes display the actions of each agent in a clear linear analysis with the duration of conversations and time between calls also recorded. This report function provides supervisors with a ‘snap-shot’ of agent activity with the ability to listen to calls by clicking onto any call on the chart.

Call Storage
Call recordings are typically large files and therefore need to be compressed using standard industry compression algorithms. Ask PowerConnex about best practice methods for both call archiving and storage.
The voice recording system also comes with a suite of management and call reports that inherently increases call centre productivity as well as assist in continuous improvement initiatives and corporate governance compliance. The comprehensive reporting suite is designed for Supervisors to effectively manage the performance of call centres and to also provide management reports. Outsourced Call Centre Bureaus use these reports to not only better manage call centre performance but also as a means of reporting back to their clients.
Call Tagging
Calls can be tagged with any field for easy call retrieval ie; search for account/customer details, phone number, agent, date and time. Call recordings can also be tagged with Supervisor comments for training and QA purposes.

Call Recording Marking Verification; build contact file Call Recordings can be reviewed and tagged with comments for training and QA purposes.

Analytics: Voice Tone Detection
Searching for particular types of calls is made easy with PowerVoice Premium; an analytical tool that enables call classification and retrieval based on vocal tone detection ie; raised voices and abusive calls etc.
Legal Recordings
PowerVoice will meet all your corporate governance and legal requirements including 'Call Water-Marking' and 'Call Encryption'.
Call Recording Play-Back
Call recordings can be played-back at anytime ie; record and playback verbal sales contracts with customers and/or regulators.
Sales Transactions
PowerVoice will enable you to meet your corporate governance requirements; providing you with both an audio and written audit trail. Play-back verbal sales contracts to clients or authorities. WAV files can also be emailed and transcripts can be made for distribution.
Leaders in Asia Pacific
PowerConnex’s is a leader in call centre technology in the Asia Pacific region.
Proprietary Product Range
Choosing PowerConnex as your call centre supplier means you are in effect, dealing direct with the manufacturer; we have full control of product development, implementation and system integration.
Innovation & Quality
PowerConnex is a best practice organisation; investing heavily in R&D. It is a Microsoft Solution Provider & a member of Australian Teleservices Association.
  • System architecture: robust, reliable & highly flexible.
  • Platform independence: use with modern CTI systems, CRM, database & computer network.
  • Scaleable: whether you expand your business or downsize, PowerConnex products will fit with your business requirements in both the short and long term.
  • Integration: designed for rapid integration with existing systems.
  • Customisation: Australian made means rapid customisation capability.
Debt Collection & Call Recording
PowerConnex has considerable expertise in working with the debt recovery sector and as a result we recognise the unique requirements of the industry. We have developed many tools that are specifically designed to optimise the performance of debt collection, including; predictive diallers, collection reports, scripting tools, Customer Interaction Management tools and of course call recording. We are also experts in integrating debt collection front-end software and importantly with your business practices.
PowerConnex’s awarding winning call recording system will enable you to monitor and record calls in ‘real time’ as well as archive voice files for retrieval if and when required. Calls can be playback at any time including verbal sales contracts with customers. Recorded calls can also be tagged and searched by Account/Debtor details, phone numbers, date/time, agent and wrap-up. Furthermore call recordings can be tagged for Quality Assurance (QA) and/or Auditing purposes.
Typically, debt recovery clients request all calls (inbound and outbound) to be recorded with a ‘cease recording’ button option (to stop recording at the request of the customer). Regardless of your preferred method PowerConnex will configure the system to meet your business practices and corporate governance compliance.
Client Auditing
The PowerConnex call recording system can be configured to allow clients to access the system from a remote location or alternatively onsite. Furthermore voice recordings are available in WAV format for easy distribution via email or other mechanisms.

Best Application

If you train call centre staff or have a need to record calls to meet corporate governance compliance, PowerVoice is the right solution. It is a highly flexible, easy to use system for both agents and supervisors. PowerVoice is the perfect call recording and monitoring system for any centre.


Key Features — At a Glance

  • listen from anywhere on the network
  • many storage options available
  • remote access capacity
  • record & archive sales contracts
  • select calls to be reviewed by agent, date/time, phone number, campaign or customer
  • listen into calls in real-time
  • record calls as per business practice requirements
  • coach beginners by selecting 'best practice' calls for review